Hit the road Jack

When people ask me why don’t I or if I would rather work in a Salon, the answer is always no!
The main reason is because I never have the same day or the same week running and I have such pretty drives to work watching the Landscape change in colour as the year progresses
This week has been as mixed a bag as possible: On Monday I was pampering some lovely Staff at a University in Aberdeen, Tuesday I was in a Care Home and on Thursday I was in the Orthopedic Ward in a Hospital. In between all those appointments I was seeing my lovely Ladies in their homes.

Further Education

Today I went to University.
I have to come clean as I am a terrible fibber…
I was asked along to perform back to back CND Vinylux manicures to the Staff and rather than my usual evening timings for Corporate events I was to start at 0930.
Today I was packing more than I usually do and thank goodness all my bags are on wheels I had to take all three of them just in case one of the Ladies wanted something different: CND Shellac, CND Vinylux, CND Brisa and Brisa Lite.
At the end of the day the most popular colours have been Purple Purple and Red Baroness with a splash of Limeade.

Garden Muse

OMG! Totally Hyperventilating as I have in CND Shellac Butterfly Queen in my hands!
I have seen this colour in pictures online for the last couple of months and I have been hoping for another early release in the UK.
It’s Pink, it’s Sparkly…What more could you wish for in a new colour?
I wonder if my Clients will still thing it’s too early for Brights in February?  My suspicion is Butterfly Queen is going to sweep them off their feet and cause a lot of excitement so, I best make sure I have enough back up stock to keep everybody Happy.
I’m wearing Butterfly Queen and Lost Labyrinth in a funky 2/3-3/2 Manicure (opposite fingers have the opposite colour) invented by one of my special Clients, Mrs Sparkles.

I’m Broken

After 5 years of lifting my Bag (17kg) and Table(15kg) in and out of the car and up and down Clients stairs, I’ve broken myself!
My back went in the middle of a Clients appointment but, I carried on and just made it back to the car, being a bit bent over and not being able to stand up straight.
This resulting in a trip to the Doctor who prescribed me various pin killers and muscle relaxants and he also advised going to see a Physiotherapist.
Today I had my first appointment and was unsure if I was even going to make it on to the bed in order to receive treatment.
At the end of the session I was again stuck and there was nothing ladylike about the way I got off the bed. The best way I can describe it is like a drunk slug falling off a ledge.
I need to take better care of myself to ensure I can see all my lovely Clients to given them Fabulous nails.

Flora and Fauna

Spring is in the air in January.  I know we haven’t had a bad winter in the NE of Scotland but my Clients are still not in Brights and Pastels (yet).
I think it is more of a psychological thing rather than a Seasonal issue with most people however, I have few Clients who decide to add in Swarovski Crystals or RockStars to brighten up dark morning and early sunsets.
I need to get some lighter colours on my nails to show my Clients how good and how much of a lift having a Spring colour can make you feel.

Wrap it up

I have just started using the new CND Remover Wraps for all CND Shellac removals.  I persevered with the previous wraps but, found them not very good for toes except the big toes and could I never get them tight enough on fingers.
I had been using another brand of wraps similar to the new CND Wraps but, each time I ordered them the thickness varied as did the sizes of them which would then fit in my contain.
I am loving the feel, thickness, logo and the off centre placement of the pad to make it easier to wrap the finger without having to ‘tuck in a tail’ to ensure I achieve full nail coverage during removal.
Is it normal to get this excited about something so simple?

Another Corporate Event

Yesterday I received panicked phone call from a Lady who is organising a Corporate event to launch a new rental property in Aberdeen and the people who were organised to come and give manicures pulled out as they were too busy to attend.  I used to organise Events in my previous job and this used to happen sometimes, so I understood  how she felt.
I had a Client booked in at the time the event was to be held but I sweet talked her round to moving her appointment and with the offer of a bottle of Prosecco from the events people she was more than happy to help.
The event was a huge success and I met some lovely ladies, who all enjoyed their CND Vinylux manicures. I even gave manicures to two ladies I used to work with 7 years ago and it was great seeing them again after so long.

Age is just a number

Today I got to meet the most amazing lady who is 97 years young.
The appointment was organised by her Son and Daughter in Law via email and telephone and in order to make the service as enjoyable as possible everything was paid for in advance with PayPal.
I hope that when if I reach 97 I will still be wanting a CND Vinylux Manicure but who knows how nail technology will have moved on and what services will be available then as I have seen so many break throughs and changes since I first started training as a Nail Technician in 2008.


As I have previously mention I am a HUGE Erasure fan and for the first time since 1988 they are coming back to Aberdeen to perform at the Music Hall.
Tonight I get to met them before the show for the first time and to say I am excited is an understatement.
I have gone through various design options for my nails but, I have gone for a simple CND Shellac Blackpool Manicure with Gold encrusted skulls on my Ring Fingers, to match the Limited Edition Cover of their Album.
Their new Album The Violet Flame is just about worn out in my car since I got it but the sleeves have been kept safe for Andy and Vince to sign.

Alice in Wonderland

Tonight I will be dressed as Alice in Wonderland as I am going to a Disney themed Hen Day/Night.  I really wanted to be Princess Elsa but, the dresses were so expensive, of course there were cheaper options but they wouldn’t have looked as good.
I only found out last week the Bride is also Alice and had a mild panic but there will be 3 of us, so I don’t have to do a mad dash and get a new costume sorted.  I could wear my Inspector Gadget outfit but it’s not girly enough for me.
Looks like I’ll be wearing the CND Shellac Azure Wish/Dazzling Dance, Silver Chrome/Ice Vapour combo again.  I think I might be a little bit addicted to this look.