MTYN – More Babies!

MTYN has 13 babies now; Hunter, Amelie, Mason and 10 baby fish!

The pet trend with my clients who have young children is to get fish. One of my Clients Julie recently got a beautiful tank and 3 small stripy fish. As I was leaving one day I noticed that one had a swollen tummy and pointed it out.

My client hadn’t noticed and she hoped it would be alright as they were leaving the next day for a 3 week holiday. I joked and said that I think it might be pregnant and she’d need a bigger tank when she gets back!

My client has now returned from holiday with an additional 10 fish!

They are the tiniest fish ever with blue flashes down the sides.  Blink and you’d miss them! As we tried to count them (think the size of the eye of a needle) I noticed another one of the bigger fish also had a swollen tummy. Looks like you’re going to be a Mum again soon!

Two weeks until her next appointment but I might just email to get an update.
Who knows how many she’ll have in another 2 weeks?

Beauty Box Discount!

The Husband calls and asked if I had seen my email as I had ‘Fan Mail’ and I burst out laughing.  Me? Fan Mail? I don’t think so!

After winning the Scratch Star Award – UK Mobile Nailist of the Year 2012 my interview was published in Scratch Magazine in August 2012.

Since then I have had a few people emailing to firstly congratulate me on the Award and secondly to ask me about my business and what equipment I use.

One girl asked what I used to transport my (ever expanding) kit and I told her about the Genoa and Sahar from Beauty Boxes.

I originally started with the Genoa, yes because it was pink and it matched my car Elle! 

However being hard bodied, it was causing scratches in my car which I didn’t like and having a cantilever top it meant that items had to placed on top of other things, so I decided to try the Sahar which was soft bodied and had 3 pull out drawers which would give me more space for EVEN more sparkly things!

I spoke to the lovely Steve Brown, Director at Beauty Boxes and explained that I was being asked what I used on a daily basis and they have created a special code CLGRAHAM which will give everybody a 12% discount on purchases.

I feel the need for another new bag (I use about 2 a year) as I put them through a lot every day.

Maybe I should call Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks to see if they are interested in a sequel; “You’ve Got (Fan)Mail!”

Rhubarb and Strawberry (CND Shellac Hot Chillis w Hotski and Wildfire)

Every day for me is different but how many jobs do you know of that gets you paid for working and leaving with fresh produce?

My clients have everything from Window Boxes to Allotments to grow fresh fruit and vegetables which seems to be a growing trend as people want to eat healthier.

We were talking about how bad the weather had been and how flowers and vegetables had been effected with the rain.

My client asked if liked rhubarb and immediately I was thrown back 20something years to my Grandfathers back garden where he grew everything including yummy rhubarb which my Grandmother used to stew. Yum.

She then sent her Husband out to cut me some fresh rhubarb.

As we were standing in her garden I saw her strawberry plants and I asked how they had survived in the wet?

At that she picked one and handed it to me.

What an amazing taste!

It was the most strawberry tasting strawberry I have had in years, unlike the shop bought one the other week which were bright red and tasted like water.

Now to go home and stew up the rhubarb.


Life Begins at 39 NOT 40!

I have heard time and time again that life begins at 40 but for me it came early at the age of 39!

After a massive change of career somewhat later in life than most Nail Technicians I know, I have worked long and hard to build up my business and it has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 years.

I have always felt I had a lot to prove given the fact that I have 17 business experience instead of years of experience in the beauty industry and I was worried that my age might hold me back.

September 2011; I turned 39 and the countdown had begun to 40.

Here’s how my year unfolded;

October 2011:

Since starting up my business I have looked at various Competitions and Award ceremonies locally and nationally but there was nothing ever designed specifically for Mobile Nail Technicians.

Scratch Magazine launched the Scratch Star Awards and the was a category “Mobile Nailist of the Year” and I thought I would give it a go and enter my very first competition.

My clients were really supportive and when I showed them the article they were more than happy to nominate me.

December 2011:

I was specially selected to attend the first CND Master Painter Course being held in the UK.

The class consisted of 5 CND Education Ambassadors and 3 (me being one of them) non EAs.

At the end of the class I found out not only were we the first 8 in the UK but, the first 8 Globally outside of America to gain the CND Master Painter Qualification.


February 2012:

I received a call from the Scratch offices informing me I was a Scratch Star finalist and that they wanted me to come to London in 2 weeks to attend a practical test and interview session. To be honest I don’t remember much about the conversation only that I made a lot of high pitched squeaking noises.

The preceding hour was then spent trying to get hold of my Husband to tell him the news. By the time we did speak, he was in a panic as everyone including his 2 bosses were trying to get him to call home so he thought something really bad had happened.

I not sure how he managed to understand what I told him on the phone but, I think he was just relieved I was alright!

The trip to London went past in a flash with not a lot of sleep in between but so much fun.

I had never experienced a competition environment and I didn’t know what to expect or what was expected from me.

When I arrived back at Aberdeen train station I burst into tears with all the emotion.


May 2012:

London bound again for the Awards party.

I was looking forward to taking a few days off and spending time with my Husband. Everything was organised for the big night from my shoes, bag, made to measure dress and a bespoke headband.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the win!

I had a complete out-of-body experience that night and everything seemed to be happening around me. It was a really bizarre feeling walking around with the trophy in my hand in a room full of big names in the industry that I had been reading about and I was now going to be somebody that people read about!


London May 2012

Cafe de Paris, London

June 2012:

I received a call asking if I would like to assist Michelle Class at one of the shows during London Fashion Week in September.  Most of this call consisted of a lot of tears and whimpering rather than actual words along the lines of ‘yes thank you, that would be lovely’.

Turning 30 really hurt for me and I have been dreading the big 4-0 for the most of the last 10 years!

However so many amazing things happened to me in my 39th year that I am so excited about being 40 now.  Did I really just say that?

Bring on year 4-0 and everything it brings with it!