Another Corporate Event

Yesterday I received panicked phone call from a Lady who is organising a Corporate event to launch a new rental property in Aberdeen and the people who were organised to come and give manicures pulled out as they were too busy to attend.  I used to organise Events in my previous job and this used to happen sometimes, so I understood  how she felt.
I had a Client booked in at the time the event was to be held but I sweet talked her round to moving her appointment and with the offer of a bottle of Prosecco from the events people she was more than happy to help.
The event was a huge success and I met some lovely ladies, who all enjoyed their CND Vinylux manicures. I even gave manicures to two ladies I used to work with 7 years ago and it was great seeing them again after so long.


I am so excited to be asked back for the third year running to a Corporate BBQ to give CND Vinylux Manicures to the staff who don’t want to participate in the more physical activities like the Bucking Bronco or Archery as they have had in previous years.
Tonight I got to meet a Client who had the most Fabulous hands and nails, that I didn’t want to do anything to them!  She had the longest nail beds I’ve ever seen, with a beautiful c-curve to her nails and all 10 nails were super long.   She ended up picking CND Vinylux Wildfire as she wanted a bright but matt looking red with no metallic element to it.
I wish I could get her to come down to London as my next hand model if I enter anymore competitions!  The last time I saw such perfect hands and nails were on International Hand Model Nina Taylor, who I first met in person at the Scratch Awards in 2012.

OMG! It’s Barry Manilow

Last night, the husband and I saw Barry Manilow in concert at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. We had tried to recreate an  evening from many years previously, where we saw him in Vegas.

I had an awesome evening, Husband possibly wished he’d taken earplugs to drown out the noise of my singing.

To make it up to him, I booked afternoon tea at the Corinthian, just off George Square.

Just as we were served our amazing sandwiches and cakes, the Husband shouted something incomprehensible and pointed like a mad thing over my shoulder.

Holy Cow! It’s Barry Manilow in the flesh! We rushed over to tell him how much we enjoyed the show last night and he was super lovely to both of us and even offered to allow my Husband to take a picture of us together.

Barry Manilow Glasgow

Barry and Me

So glad my nails looked great with super sparkly Gold RockStars when I met him!

Scottish Beauty show

I was really looking forward to Scottish Beauty this year but I was disappointed by the show. The hall was half empty and a lot of the major Nail companies weren’t there.  However, at The Fingertips Centre, all the Staff made the trip more than worthwhile with Demo rooms and the Scottish Education Ambassadors on hand to answer any questions about client issues.

I had a major panic when I found out there were going to be some CND Shellac colours discontinued from the range: Silver VIP Status, Gold VIP Staus, Moonlight & Roses and Iced Coral.

Don’t panic Ladies! I have stocked up so, I won’t run out of them anytime soon.  I wish they hadn’t discontinued Silver VIP Status as I have found it a really useful Shimmer coat to give a regular French Manicure a little bit extra depth and interest, without taking away from the simple classic look.

Cup Final day!

Today was a non work-related road trip to Glasgow to watch Aberdeen v Inverness CT play in the Scottish League Cup Final at Celtic Park.

There’s only one colour combination that would have worked for me today: CND Shellac Wildfire with a Cream Puff Ring Finger Manicure!
It must have been a good luck charm as Aberdeen won!

Great game, Nice weekend in Glasgow, A cup win for the Dons and Fabulous nails!

Professional Beauty Event, London

I didn’t enter the Professional Beauty Awards this year but, I still really want to go the PB event at Excel in London, as it is the biggest Beauty Trade Show held in the UK every year.

This is my idea of heaven; Stands and Booths filled with the newest products and lots and lots of sparkles!

When you have to queue for products you know they are high quality and very much sought after but, as soon as you have the bag of purchases in your hand, the time you have had to stand and wait doesn’t matter!

I may have found a rival for my favourite Macaron company Ladurée. I didn’t think they could be beaten until I tried the Gelato filled Amorino macarons. Obviously I had to buy a box of 12 different flavours….just to be sure I was doing a fair taste test!

In Love with ‘Locket Love’

Another fun Corporate Ladies night with lots of new people and some familiar faces at the event.  There wasn’t an appointment system in place so my nail desk was surrounded most of the night with me trying to do as many CND Vinylux manicures as possible in 3 hours.

It’s hard to predict what colours people will pick so, I always carry the full colour range with me to any event I attend and tonight we’ve had everything from Darks to Bright and Bolds.

However, one of the most popular colours was the beautiful Locket Love which was chosen quite a few times after some of the ladies saw it on one lady who was proudly showing her nails around the room.  I wonder if that will ever be a colour launched in the CND Shellac range as I think I would have a lot of request for it.

Olympic Fever (CND Shellac Asphalt & Gold RockStar)

The Olympics are over and what an event it was!

I loved that it wasn’t just the athletes hitting the news about their nail attire too!

A friend of mine Susan was chosen to be an Olympic Torch Bearer due to the work she does for charity and I suggested that we do something special with her nails for her big day.

Originally when we spoke about her nails we were going to do a full set in Shellac Gold RockStars to match in with the torch but she wouldn’t see it until the day of the run, so we couldn’t be sure of the exact colour.

When I arrived at the house she had just received her running outfit which was White, Grey and Gold.

I couldn’t believe the grey was a 100% match for Asphalt and because there was gold on the top I knew I still had to incorporate that into the nails too.

We went for CND Asphalt Shellac Manicure with RingFingers in Gold RockStar.

Shellac Asphalt with Gold RockStar Ring Finger Manicure

The nails that carried the Torch which then went on to light the Olympic Flame in London.

On the day at Scone Palace she had so many complements on her running bus about her nails and she was the only one who had done something special.

Watching her run live in Coupar Angus on the BBC olympic channel was very emotional as I could see my/her nails holding the torch.

Me To You Nails Olympic Torch

Coupar Angus June 2012

I saw her a few days after her run and I was allowed to hold the torch which was AWESOME!

When we watch the opening ceremony I felt a huge sense of pride as a set of my nails had helped carry a torch which lit another torch in the relay that took the flame all over the UK which then was used to light the flame which would burn during the Games.

Olympic Torch

So proud to be able to hold the Olympic Torch!