Professional Beauty Awards 2013

I’m heading down to London again, this time as one of six Finalists in the Professional Beauty Awards 2013, Nail Professional of the Year.

In the last 2 weeks I have experienced every emotion leading up to today and I am glad I am now on the train after quite a few sleepless nights.

I am thrilled to be in the same category as some amazing Nail Technicians I have been reading about and following for the last 4 years and I have to be honest, it’s weird seeing my name alongside theirs.

Not sure if I am going to have time to see the Christmas lights in Regent Street, Oxford Street or Covent Garden  as I have been told they are fabulous this year.

Maybe I could squeeze in a visit to my favourite Macaroon shop too… , well it would be rude not to!

It’s beginning to look a lot like November

As you may know, every Tuesday I do a ‘guest spot’ at The  Hair and Beauty Box near Aberdeen. The girls of the salon are off to Sharm El Sheik, Egypt for a holiday so, I am here after hours making Rachel’s nails Fabulous.

Deborah has decided to decorate the Salon tonight so it’s all done for them coming back…it’s only just turned November.

Both myself and Rachel drew the line at having Christmas music on as we watched Deborah climb up and down the wobbly ladder.  Camera’s at the ready as we might be on for making £250 from You’ve Been Framed…

A couple of hours later, Hands and Toes are done and the Salon has even more sparkles and lights than it did this morning.

Am I feeling more Chrismassy yet?  Not really, I just want to be going to Egypt to see some sun!

Have a great trip girls.

MeToYou Nails attends professional photoshoot

After winning Scratch Star, UK Mobile Nailist of the Year 2012 I was asked by Original Additions/Gellux to come down to London to assist Michelle Class on a photo shoot for the  skincare company Omorovicza

The location of the shoot was at Skywood House in Denham.  This has been used for films and TV adverts, the most recent being Theirry Henry’s Renault, VaVaVoom campaign.

The setting was fabulous and it was hard to contain my excitement about being on location for the first time.

Skywood House

Skywood House

I was amazed at the amount of people required to be on set for one model and throughout the day they had various iconic looks they were trying to eminate including the final shot in the swimming pool.  The sun was out all day but, it would have even been too cold for me to jump in there with a smile on my face!

I got to meet the owners of the company, Margaret and Stephen and later in the day I was able to give Margaret a Manicure and Pedicure.

The day ended with Cocktails and a meal in Gilgamesh with Michelle, Helena Biggs Assistant Editor of Scratch Magazine, Bethany Tang and Lauren Grey of Media Hubb and Kathy Holroyd of Original Additions.

I had such an amazing day and totally unforgettable experience.

Thank you for inviting me!


Beauty Box Discount!

The Husband calls and asked if I had seen my email as I had ‘Fan Mail’ and I burst out laughing.  Me? Fan Mail? I don’t think so!

After winning the Scratch Star Award – UK Mobile Nailist of the Year 2012 my interview was published in Scratch Magazine in August 2012.

Since then I have had a few people emailing to firstly congratulate me on the Award and secondly to ask me about my business and what equipment I use.

One girl asked what I used to transport my (ever expanding) kit and I told her about the Genoa and Sahar from Beauty Boxes.

I originally started with the Genoa, yes because it was pink and it matched my car Elle! 

However being hard bodied, it was causing scratches in my car which I didn’t like and having a cantilever top it meant that items had to placed on top of other things, so I decided to try the Sahar which was soft bodied and had 3 pull out drawers which would give me more space for EVEN more sparkly things!

I spoke to the lovely Steve Brown, Director at Beauty Boxes and explained that I was being asked what I used on a daily basis and they have created a special code CLGRAHAM which will give everybody a 12% discount on purchases.

I feel the need for another new bag (I use about 2 a year) as I put them through a lot every day.

Maybe I should call Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks to see if they are interested in a sequel; “You’ve Got (Fan)Mail!”