Back to the island

I love my job and I love all my lovely Clients but, it time for a holday for me and the Husband!

We’re off to Ibiza for some sun and recharging of our batteries.
Looking forward to having a bit of a Mid Life Crisis and going to my first ever Super Club, Space at the Grand old age of 41.

Hard Rock opens it’s first ever Hotel in Europe which looks absolutely amazing, so Dinner and some non alcoholic cocktails (for me) are on the cards.

Don’t miss me too much and see you all in a week!

OMG! It’s Barry Manilow

Last night, the husband and I saw Barry Manilow in concert at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. We had tried to recreate an  evening from many years previously, where we saw him in Vegas.

I had an awesome evening, Husband possibly wished he’d taken earplugs to drown out the noise of my singing.

To make it up to him, I booked afternoon tea at the Corinthian, just off George Square.

Just as we were served our amazing sandwiches and cakes, the Husband shouted something incomprehensible and pointed like a mad thing over my shoulder.

Holy Cow! It’s Barry Manilow in the flesh! We rushed over to tell him how much we enjoyed the show last night and he was super lovely to both of us and even offered to allow my Husband to take a picture of us together.

Barry Manilow Glasgow

Barry and Me

So glad my nails looked great with super sparkly Gold RockStars when I met him!

Jam it

I have the most amazing clients and last Christmas a wonderful Client gave me a gym membership to try and get me back in to the habit of exercise again.

Today I have my fitness assessment at Jam Fitness, to work out what I can do and what I want to achieve from attending classes.

It’s been over 6+ years since I’d been at my last gym and was shocked at just how unfit I had become.

After explaining that I didn’t want to take time away from Clients, we came up with program of booked classes when my diary was quieter, to help me get fit again.

Now all I have to do is make sure my Trainers, Outfits and Nails match!

Cup Final day!

Today was a non work-related road trip to Glasgow to watch Aberdeen v Inverness CT play in the Scottish League Cup Final at Celtic Park.

There’s only one colour combination that would have worked for me today: CND Shellac Wildfire with a Cream Puff Ring Finger Manicure!
It must have been a good luck charm as Aberdeen won!

Great game, Nice weekend in Glasgow, A cup win for the Dons and Fabulous nails!


After a sunny dry Summer, most of which I spent in the car looking out at it and getting a drivers tan on my right arm and side of my face, the weather has now changed and Autumn is well and truly here.
Clients are now looking at deeper, richer colours to match in with their change in clothes.
I will be sorry to say goodbye to Lime Greens, Bright Pinks and Ocean Blues to make way for Dark Reds, Navy Blues and Deep Greens.
There is one last School holiday before Christmas (sorry, yes I did just mention the ‘C’ word!) and a few of my clients will be escaping to sunnier climates so, hopefully I will still get to use my lighter colours a few more times.
I may buck the trend by continuing to wear Brights to be a reminder to those warmer days and nights we had.
Time to start thinking about getting the Winter tyres put back on the car and put the Winter box of essentials (Scrapers, Grit, De-icer, Gripper over shoes and extra clothes) back in the car. Not forgetting my sledge, not for recreational purposes, but to allow me to pull my trolley case through the snow with ease!

MTYN – More Babies!

MTYN has 13 babies now; Hunter, Amelie, Mason and 10 baby fish!

The pet trend with my clients who have young children is to get fish. One of my Clients Julie recently got a beautiful tank and 3 small stripy fish. As I was leaving one day I noticed that one had a swollen tummy and pointed it out.

My client hadn’t noticed and she hoped it would be alright as they were leaving the next day for a 3 week holiday. I joked and said that I think it might be pregnant and she’d need a bigger tank when she gets back!

My client has now returned from holiday with an additional 10 fish!

They are the tiniest fish ever with blue flashes down the sides.  Blink and you’d miss them! As we tried to count them (think the size of the eye of a needle) I noticed another one of the bigger fish also had a swollen tummy. Looks like you’re going to be a Mum again soon!

Two weeks until her next appointment but I might just email to get an update.
Who knows how many she’ll have in another 2 weeks?

New blog!

It has been a remarkable last 6 months for me. I gained my CND Master painter certificate and was one of only 8 people outside the USA to get it. In June I won UK Mobile Nail Technician of The Year at the Scratch Magazine awards.

This next 6 months are set to be amazing and so I thought I would start a blog on my site, to keep you up-to-date with my news, share industry news and generally keep in touch with all my Aberdeen clients, friends and industry colleagues.

Please comment on posts and join in the conversation.