Master Architect

Was I not here just the other week?

Back at The Centre, Edinburgh to attend the CND Master Architect Course, again with the amazing CND International Education Ambassador Nataliya.

Today we were focusing on techniques using CND Retention and Retention+ Liquid and Powder systems, learning about using dowels and sculpting an extreme nail.

Again another intense day because there was only 2 of us on the course but, at the same time so much fun!

Yeah! Another certificate and this time a classy black patent CND bag.
McDonalds for food before the drive back? Oh, go on then…

Master Sculptor

At The Centre in Edinburgh today attending the CND Master Sculptor Course with the Fabulous CND International Education Ambassador Nataliya.

Using CND Brisa Gel to create beautiful forever French enhancements, the course was intense as there were only 2 people on the course.  This was to our advantage as it meant it felt more like a one-to-one session. We were able to ask more questions and have more hands on time.
After the course finished we were given our certificates and a funky CND Silver Bag.

A quick food stop at McDonalds before the drive back to Aberdeen is needed as my brain is fried!

Jam it

I have the most amazing clients and last Christmas a wonderful Client gave me a gym membership to try and get me back in to the habit of exercise again.

Today I have my fitness assessment at Jam Fitness, to work out what I can do and what I want to achieve from attending classes.

It’s been over 6+ years since I’d been at my last gym and was shocked at just how unfit I had become.

After explaining that I didn’t want to take time away from Clients, we came up with program of booked classes when my diary was quieter, to help me get fit again.

Now all I have to do is make sure my Trainers, Outfits and Nails match!

Heading for Grand Master status

At The Fingertips Centre in Edinburgh today to attend the CND Custom Colour Course with the CND International Education Ambassador Nataylia.

Even after using CND Brisa Gel and Retention Liquid and Powder systems for 5 years, it’s amazing how much there was still to learn about it and to how to customise each service focusing on skin tone analysis.

Lots of interesting tips and techniques to take back to my lovely Clients.

I can now attend the remaining two CND Master Courses to work towards achieving CND Grand Master Status later in the year.

One Stroke course

I have been fascinated by One Stroke Designs for a long time and today I finally took the plunge and attended a full day course hosted by the Fabulous Gemma Lambert.

We were given our bag of materials, watched demonstrations and then we got to go and practice on nails.

It’s very tricky to get to grips with and I have the utmost admiration for the designs and art I have seen in magazines and online.  I think its going to take a lot of practice for me to be confident enough to do anything on my clients nails.

When lunchtime came I was standing in the bakers with Gemma and she couldn’t decide what to have to eat. As it was quite a cold day I was having a big hot container of Stovies and Gemma decided she would have that too as she had never had them before.

She loved them and I think she’ll try out the recipe in Doncaster!

Rhubarb and Strawberry (CND Shellac Hot Chillis w Hotski and Wildfire)

Every day for me is different but how many jobs do you know of that gets you paid for working and leaving with fresh produce?

My clients have everything from Window Boxes to Allotments to grow fresh fruit and vegetables which seems to be a growing trend as people want to eat healthier.

We were talking about how bad the weather had been and how flowers and vegetables had been effected with the rain.

My client asked if liked rhubarb and immediately I was thrown back 20something years to my Grandfathers back garden where he grew everything including yummy rhubarb which my Grandmother used to stew. Yum.

She then sent her Husband out to cut me some fresh rhubarb.

As we were standing in her garden I saw her strawberry plants and I asked how they had survived in the wet?

At that she picked one and handed it to me.

What an amazing taste!

It was the most strawberry tasting strawberry I have had in years, unlike the shop bought one the other week which were bright red and tasted like water.

Now to go home and stew up the rhubarb.