Good nails aren’t Cheap and Cheap nails aren’t Good.

You may think I have slightly lost the plot here but I would like to confess something; I like all these special deals on cut price marketing websites (Groupon, Wowcher etc.) and in NSS’s (Non Standard Salons) because they are GOOD for my business.

If my clients are tempted buy these deals or go to the cut price salons they always come back to me and then they tell their friends about the difference in service and quality I offer, which in turn adds to my client list.

I have seen many badly damaged nails on clients who have chosen the cheaper option and I have heard their frustration when their nails have only lasted 2 days, which has resulted in them returning to the ‘salon’ several times or they give up and just don’t go back. Often these salons don’t offer the full range of colours or treatments available.

I pride myself in reinvesting money and time into my business by having the full range of CND Shellac colours available at all times and attending Training Courses, Seminars and Trade Shows to ensure my skill level and knowledge is the highest it possibly can be and clients receive the best possible service not only in Aberdeen but in the UK.

What I offer to my clients is an individual, bespoke, convenient, service in the comfort of their home to fit in with their lifestyle rather than a ‘sell em cheap, stack em high’, conveyor belt mentality of others.

All my hard work and effort over the last 3 years has been rewarded as I am the current Scratch Award UK Mobile of the Year (2012-2013), Professional Beauty UK Nail Professional of the Year 2013 and I will now have to defend my title as I am Scratch Star Finalist UK Mobile Nailist of the Year (2013-2014), the winner of which will be announced at the beginning of June.


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