Winter again

I have my grumpy face on again as Mr Fox is back in to get his Winter tyres on again.
The car is now refilled with my winter box of essentials, including the sledge which I have still not used and here’s hoping it will be a mild winter and it stays that way.
I normally buy myself a Christmas present and spoil myself however this year I have my sensible head on and instead of jewellery or more shoes, I bought: Thermal long sleeved tops, thermal socks, waterproof over trousers, skiing gloves and a fleece inner for my jacket.  How boring is that?  At least I’ll be prepared when winter hits because as usual, the news is full of reports saying it’ll be the worst on record.

Regular Irregulars

I have such variety of Clients; Some I see every 2 weeks, Some who just call or text when they next need a Manicure and then I have a group I call my Regular Irregulars.
These poor ladies are not allowed to wear anything on their nails because of their jobs ie Nurse, Teacher etc, so I only ever see them when it’s School holidays or when they have a special occasion to attend.
This can be lots of fun and of course lots of bright colours, glitters and Swarovski’s as they can go wild and are so happy to have holiday Hands and Toes again.
This week has been no different and it’s great seeing them all again finding out where they are all heading off to!

Gilded Dreams

Sorry, I know it’s only September but, the Christmas Gilded Dreams Collections have arrived in CND Shellac and CND Vinylux.
There are only 3 in the collection this year: Dazzling Dance, Grand Gala and Chiffon Twirl. The colours are a permanent fixture to CND Vinylux range but they will only be a limited edition to the CND Shellac colour range, so Ladies don’t get to attached to them!
I love the look of the light blue glitter of CND Shellac Dazzling dance over Azure Wish, with an accent finger of Ice Vapour over Silver Chrome. Very Elsa from Frozen…Let it go, let go…..


I am so excited to be asked back for the third year running to a Corporate BBQ to give CND Vinylux Manicures to the staff who don’t want to participate in the more physical activities like the Bucking Bronco or Archery as they have had in previous years.
Tonight I got to meet a Client who had the most Fabulous hands and nails, that I didn’t want to do anything to them!  She had the longest nail beds I’ve ever seen, with a beautiful c-curve to her nails and all 10 nails were super long.   She ended up picking CND Vinylux Wildfire as she wanted a bright but matt looking red with no metallic element to it.
I wish I could get her to come down to London as my next hand model if I enter anymore competitions!  The last time I saw such perfect hands and nails were on International Hand Model Nina Taylor, who I first met in person at the Scratch Awards in 2012.

Mid Life Crisis Part 2

To add to the previous Mid Life Crisis in May to Ibiza we are going to the V Festival in Staffordshire.  Last time I went to V was in 1999, yes I’m that old!
I had a busy week and only managed to RockStar my toes before coming down but, I have plenty of time to do my nails in the Hotel.
What will I do? CND Vinylux or some funky Dashing Diva Design FX. Best pack both so I can decide when I get down there after the mammoth 7 hour drive.


Guess what? I’m going to Edinburgh and it’s not for a course AND I’ll actually be in Edinburgh city.
Since 1987 I have been a huge fan of Erasure and tonight Andy Bell is performing in a one man show Torsten the Bareback Saint, at the Edinburgh Fringe.
No driving for me today, just a nice leisurely train journey instead.
A quick removal of my Shellac in the Hotel room and some super bright CND Vinylux in Bicycle Yellow before heading out.
Love the quick dry formula and gorgeous shine but best of all, not having to run about the room flapping my hands doing the chicken dance to get regular polish to dry quicker.  Not that that makes any difference, but everybody does it!

A night at the Opera

Tonight after work, the Husband and I are going to Opera in the Park at the Duthie Park, as we do every year.  Chairs, Food, Drinks and snuggly Blankets for later as I ALWAYS get cold!

The CND Modern Folklore Collection was launched earlier this month and one of the most interesting colours has to be Crimson Sash.  It’s a difficult colour to describe but, one of my Clients just text me to say that the colour is Mahogany.

At first I was unsure but, the more I look at it, I am starting to agree with her, that it is the best way to describe the new rich metallic red.

Anyway I am trying it out tonight. Will let you know.

Master Architect

Was I not here just the other week?

Back at The Centre, Edinburgh to attend the CND Master Architect Course, again with the amazing CND International Education Ambassador Nataliya.

Today we were focusing on techniques using CND Retention and Retention+ Liquid and Powder systems, learning about using dowels and sculpting an extreme nail.

Again another intense day because there was only 2 of us on the course but, at the same time so much fun!

Yeah! Another certificate and this time a classy black patent CND bag.
McDonalds for food before the drive back? Oh, go on then…

Fender Bender

I have been in business for 5 years and mobile the whole time, so I spend a lot of time in the car and clock up a lot of miles in the car going on Training Courses in Edinburgh. So it was perhaps only a matter of time until I had a car accident.

I was en-route to a client and both our cars were only travelling about 20 miles an hour, so nobody was injured.  The other drivers foot had just slipped on her pedal and she ran in to the back of me.

I went in to full on organistaional mode: Calling my Client to cancel the appointment, Phoning my Car Insurance Company, Making sure the girl was alright and waiting for one of her relatives to arrive to collect her.

I’ve never been involved in a collision before so, I have no idea what is involved in the whole process or how long it will take but, hopefully I’m not going to be ‘unmobile’* for too long as I miss seeing all my lovely clients.


*yup, I just made that word up.

Master Sculptor

At The Centre in Edinburgh today attending the CND Master Sculptor Course with the Fabulous CND International Education Ambassador Nataliya.

Using CND Brisa Gel to create beautiful forever French enhancements, the course was intense as there were only 2 people on the course.  This was to our advantage as it meant it felt more like a one-to-one session. We were able to ask more questions and have more hands on time.
After the course finished we were given our certificates and a funky CND Silver Bag.

A quick food stop at McDonalds before the drive back to Aberdeen is needed as my brain is fried!