Toenail reconstruction

As you know I like a challenge and I don’t like to be defeated.  Today however I nearly crumbled under pressure.

A lady had called asking for her two big toenails to be reconstructed with Enhancements. I carried out a bit of research as to what product had been used previously but as it wasn’t a CND system, it was best to remove the existing product and start from scratch, so as to avoid service breakdown.

Upon removal, I was perplexed as to how I was ever going to give her back two realistic toe nails, given the lack of nail to work on.  I have done minor reconstructions on finger nails but today I thought I’d met my match and would not be able to complete the work.

After custom cutting forms to provide a foundation piece and a regular shape piece I started work.  My Client told me this was only the second time she had this done as she didn’t realise that this type of service was available and after years of hiding her feet this was a revelation!

In the past month she’d bought 3 pairs of open-toed shoes for the first time EVER!

Nail Reconstruction

Before and after

Once the nails were completed you would never know they weren’t hers or how small the small bits of nails hiding underneath were.

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